Train Your People to Prevent Problems and Injuries – Because April is National Injury Prevention Month, it’s an excellent opportunity to remind your workers of their responsibilities in preventing problems that could lead to injuries. Use the information in today’s Advisor for refresher training on this important topic.


ASTEC Charter School Loves Oklahoma City Whole Foods! – Over the last six months, the HealthCorps’ coordinators at ASTEC developed a relationship with the Continue reading The post ASTEC Charter School Loves Oklahoma City Whole Foods! appeared first on HealthCorps.

Unleash the Child Within You – By Lina Younes The other night as I was tucking my youngest in bed, she asked me a question that I have been mulling over ever since. “Mom, why do adults lose their creativity when they get older? Imagine if children invented things!” Her insight left me speechless as I tried unsuccessfully to find a […]

Navigate Your Way Safely Through the Inspection/Enforcement Process

Harvesting the Biosphere

Meditation Each Day Keeps The Flu Away – Washing hands, getting adequate sleep, eating a diet rich in citrus fruits and lowering stress Continue reading The post Meditation Each Day Keeps The Flu Away appeared first on HealthCorps.

Making Sure Chemicals Around Us are Safe – By Jim Jones, Acting Assistant Administrator, OCSPP Chemicals are found in most everything we use and consume— from plastics, to medicine, to cleaning products, and flame retardants in our furniture and clothing. They can be essential for our health, our well being, our prosperity and our safety— it’s no understatement to say that the quality […]