Hmmm? I learned recently we have to try and walk upright whenever possible and be careful how and where we step.

(Watch your head, crouch or duck if you need to)

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Why? Because YOU never know who is watching YOU.

We all follow the foot steps of the trailblazers before us.  If we are wise in our choices and we stay focused on our unique course we will make it to our destination unscathed, unharmed and able to recover from any un-forseen hazards if we happen to misstep.  We also need an occasional helping hand.  We may have to stand on the shoulders of others to reach those high places when we don’t have a ladder to reach our successful plateaus.  We get those big boosts, often times,  from the right people (Our Great Mentors) when we need it on OUR road to success. That is if we are in the right places positioned at the right and appointed times.

I found out recently, that a sheet metal worker with many years of construction experience was displaced from the job.  Armed with a desire to take a vast amount of experience to a new arena this worker started following my safety career on social media  and modeling a new safety career after my past endeavors.  I was in essence a “Virtual Mentor”.   I was asked to connect and network and they were surprised that I eagerly said yes.  The worker was inspired by my accomplishments .  After hearing their story and witnessing their courage, the feeling of admiration became mutual.  I was humbled by this experience and the complementary feeling of interdependence it enabled. I gained a new friend and professional confident.  It gave me confirmation once again that if I do not believe in myself, who else will.  Hoping to be inspiring, I started this blog to inform and now I know to also be an example and role model.

We have to be knowledgeable and to be cautious regarding the Environmental Health and Safety needs in OUR Lives.  We should also be careful how and where we walk in life.  In order to display and relate my passion for what I do in life as a professional EH&S consultant,  “Safety Diva (TM)”  is now born LOL!!  She is the epitome and embodiment of my business and professional sides intersecting and meeting with my human, moral, compassionate  and ethical sides.  My personal dichotomy is  juxtapositional from time to time and other times my two lives may be parallel.  That is when I am at PEACE.

A friend said to me recently that I will not always make divine choices that is not my ultimate job.  I can only strive to make the best decisions at any given point in time.  I pray to do better each day as I continue to work on “Project Me”.